Monday, May 3, 2010

Örebro SK vs BK Häcken

Yesterday, Cailan and I dragged ourselves, along with a roll of tp each for our noses, off to see our first football match in Europe. Örebro has a football team in the Swedish Allsvenskan, and a teacher at Cailan's school works at the pitch and gets free tickets for the students and teachers. So off we went, kleenex, cough candies and all!
They played a team from Gothenburg, who had some pretty amazing shoes, every florescent colour imaginable. Anyways, not only was it our first European match, but it was actually my first outdoor football match, other than watching Team NWT at Canada Games. I know I might offend some people, but... I found it kinda boring. Well, maybe not, just a lot of passing and not a lot of shooting at the net. There were a lot of head shots, I think the most was four head passes to another. I found that surprisingly cool.
The game went on... numerous yellow cards, no red cards, only four substitutions and after 90minutes of passing, Örebro won. 2-0.
The stands were actually pretty empty, and the Örebro 'cheer section' was protesting the owners decision to schedule the games at bad times. Kinda like how the NHL schedules games which it thinks are good but none of the fans agree - like a game in the middle of the afternoon rather than on Saturday night. So, they protested by staying out in the parking lot tailgating for the first 20min. When they returned they were so loud! They had a drum and flags and a chant for every player on the field and they just never were quite. Compared to the 17 fans that the Gothenburg team had it was impressive.
That sums up my first football match. Next weekend they are playing a team from Stockholm, who is being accompanied by a minimum of 2500 fans. Were trying to get tickets for that, the match up is supposed to be quite good.
Cold be gone by then!

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